I am trying to understand how an application I have been using is setting its data in XYZ coordinates which I wish to convert to HEX value. The application essentially shows me the XYZ in one format (float maybe), but I am only able to edit this data in HEX, so I need to understand the translation to make proper edits.

First off lets look at the values displayed in the program

X = 1.085597 Y = 4.703604 Z = -17.573305

The HEX values for these XYZ values is 12 bytes, which I assume is 4 bytes for X values, 4 for Y, and for for Z. Here is the HEX output:

19 B3 87 44 D6 FC 92 45 9C 4A 89 C6

So what I am wondering is if there is a way to ascertain (from the data I have provided) the formula that the application is using so I can convert the XYZ values to HEX values?

Someone metioned it might be IEEE 754 standard? but I'm new to hex editing so I'm not sure how to apply this or what it means.

HEX values appear to be in little endian.

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The hex you posted is equivant to the float value * 10^3

That is 1085.597 == 0x4487b319 and so on

Use any online calculator to check in both direction like



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