I'm starting to learn reverse engineering so I'm trying to reverse sample app, compiled for ARM(iOS) and now I'm looking into code.

This section is right before WHILE and right at the beginning of function where values are initiated. but I can't find the raw values.

This is the function .h file:

#import "NSObject.h"

@interface SampleCalc : NSObject

+ (double)doCalc:(double)arg1;


And this is the ARM code:

+[SampleCalc doCalc:]:
0002f198         movw       sb, #0x6cb4      ; Objective C Implementation defined at 0x95db8 (class method), :lower16:(0xc5e60 - 0x2f1ac)
0002f19c         vmov.i32   d18, #0x0
0002f1a0         movt       sb, #0x9         ; :upper16:(0xc5e60 - 0x2f1ac)
0002f1a4         vmov       d16, r2, r3
0002f1a8         add        sb, pc           ; 0xc5e60
0002f1aa         movs       r2, #0x0
0002f1ac         add.w      r3, sb, #0x8     ; 0xc5e68
0002f1b0         vldr       d17, [sb]

If I understand correctly this is ARM PIC (position independent code).

But I don't get the logic here 0002f1b0 - does the brackets mean sb is storing address and value is loaded in d17? And what is the address - 0xc5e68 correct?

The 0xc5e60 contains:

000c5e60         db  0x00 ;
000c5e61         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e62         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e63         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e64         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e65         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e66         db  0x33 ; '3'
000c5e67         db  0x40 ; '@'
000c5e68         db  0x00 ;
000c5e69         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e6a         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e6b         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e6c         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e6d         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e6e         db  0x34 ; '4'
000c5e6f         db  0x40 ; '@'
000c5e70         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e71         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e72         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e73         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e74         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e75         db  0x00 ; '.'
000c5e76         db  0x35 ; '5'

So does that mean D17 gets value 0x00?

Bonus question, if possible, what are all those . and @.


  • What tool is the output from?
    – Igor Skochinsky
    Feb 23, 2017 at 10:27

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sb is the alternative name for the ARM register R9 used by some disassemblers, similar to ip for R12, sp for R13 or PC for R15.

The main thing you need to look at is this:

0002f1a8         add        sb, pc  

At this point, sb has the value of 0x96cb4 due to the movw and movt before. In ARM, the pc value points two instructions ahead, so here it will have value 0x002f1a8+4 = 0x002f1ac. So, we get 0x002f1ac+0x96cb4=0xC5E60 which matches the comment added by the disassembler. Next, vldr d17, [sb] is executed which loads the double value at sb (or 0xC5E60). Double values are 8 bytes long so all of the bytes from 0xC5E60 till 0xC5E67 will be loaded. The hex for it is 0x4033000000000000 which corresponds to 19.0.


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