I'm a beginner at this and I'm following tutorials but I am kind of stuck.

I found a function that accesses all characters X position in game. I found this using Cheat Engine and here's how it looks:enter image description here

All these addresses are X positions of characters in game.

I looked up this function in IDA and the functions looks like this:

double __thiscall sub_427380(int this)
  return *(float *)(this + 80);

So I managed to hook this function and read the values in C++.

Here's the code:

double hookedFunction(int i)
    float f = *(float *)(i + 80);
    return originalFunction(i);

This works but when I try to read values from other offsets that I found using the "Dissect Data/Structures" function in Cheat Engine I'm stuck.

Here's the structure from one of the addresses I found in Cheat Engine:

When I subtract 80 from the address and I create a new data structure in Cheat Engine it looks like this: enter image description here

So here's where I need help. How do I read the string at offset 0040 and the 4 bytes at offset 003C in my hooked function.

I tried doing stuff like:

DWORD d = *(DWORD *)(i + 0x3C);

But whatever I try I can't get the right values.

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This is more of a C development question, however the answer is offset 0x40 has a pointer to an array of chars.

Code should be the following:

char* charname = *(char **)(i + 0x40);

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