As part of exercise in RE I noticed that some string is not appear correctly in the code.

I have the following code:
enter image description here

In the orange colour the string doesn't appear correctly.
In the red it appear correctly.

I want that the code in the orange will be like the one in the red.

We can see that in address 0x10751 we have:

push offset word_107DE ; SourceString

At the address of word_107DE (0x107DE) the string appears as:

word_107DE dw '\'
    unicode 0, <DosDevices\ProceHelper>, 0

In 0x107DE we have an extra row:

word_107DE dw '\'  

How can I fix it and merge this row to be like this:

    unicode 0, <\DosDevices\ProceHelper>, 0

And after this I hope to see the name of the string in the code.

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Move the cursor to word_107DE, press ALTA (or Options/Ascii String style from the menu), and click the Unicode button.

  • Btw, how can I make IDA to print it as a comment? I thought it will be automatically once I did your solution.
    – E235
    Dec 23, 2016 at 17:59

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