I'm using XPosed for faking gps location. I have faked and tested successfully these two apis:

  1. FusedLocationApi from GoogleApiClient
  2. LocationManager including two methods: requestLocationUpdates and getLastKnownLocation

But when I test it on some other apps such as Grab, Uber or Google Map, they still display my location correctly. Are they using different APIs? How can I find that out?

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Yes, according to the documentation there's an additional API supported by LocationManager, called requestSingleUpdate that can be used to receive a single location update.

Since both requestSingleUpdate and requestLocationUpdates use overloading and have multiple prototypes (and thus implementations) please make sure to hook and support them all.

As a side note, there are ways (that require user interaction) to add a test LocationProvider that can spoof locations through the API. see this for example.

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