I downloaded the paimei tool and dropped the pydbg package files inside .../paimai/pydbg then installed paimei but I can't seem to get pydbg to work. I keep getting an error with pydasm when trying to import pydbg. Any tips?

I have python 2.7 on windows 10.

  • what error? we can't see your screen from here. – Igor Skochinsky Oct 19 '16 at 12:51

Are you sure you installed pydasm properly? pydasm cannot be automatically installed by pip, so most installations of dependent software will just assume it is installed when in their own installation process as well as when executing.

This explains how libdasm and pydasm can be compiled and installed on windows. This provides a prebuilt package and shows how to properly install it, together with additional scripts you seem to be using.

It is not too clear from your question, but it might be the case that the missing package is pydbg, depends on how I interpret your text. If that's the case, the second aforementioned link also describes how pydbg can be installed, and additionally google is your friend.

If these links does not work, providing the output of pip freeze will be a good start of additional info.

  • Sorry for the vague question I was at work when I posted it and didn't have my personal laptop on me. I deleted everything and followed the steps in the second link you posted and it worked! Must have been the old pydasm.pyd file that came with pydbg. – Nitro Oct 20 '16 at 3:22
  • no worries, glad I could help :) – NirIzr Oct 20 '16 at 3:30

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