this is Easy_ELF from Reversing.Kr

Right now R2 displays absolute address for a character inside of a string:

  [0x08048454]> pdf
  0x08048454      0fb60521a004.  movzx eax, byte [0x804a021] 

I already made a flag for global buffer

 f glob.passwordBuf 16 @ 0x0804a020 

how to apply offset from it to make R2 to display something like

 0x08048454      0fb60521a004.  movzx eax, byte [glob.passwordBuf + 1] 

? I.e. I want disassembler to use what fd 0x804a021 returns (which is glob.passwordBuf + 1)

I tried to reanalyze the function, but it didn't help.

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This is an enhancement to be done on asm.relsub see https://github.com/radare/radare2/issues/5956

I have created an issue on the radare2 repository, feel free to do similar next time or to come by the IRC or the Telegram channel.

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