I am trying to reverse engineer an app but I am having problems unlike the previous apps that I reverse engineered.....

When Untouched the app let's you login perfectly but when I reverse engineer it and repackage it( Without changing anything) I am getting a "Network Error"

I also tried using Frida and I am experiencing the same problem... does anyone know why this is happenning?


There could be multiple reasons for such a behavior to occur. Without more thorough investigation on your end and a more detailed description it's impossible to provide a good answer. Please take the Tour to learn how good questions are structured.

However, what you're experiencing could be some kind of anti-patching protection, and the network related error suggested it might be related to some kind of server side verification.

Some ideas I can come up with:

  1. An internal CRC or other code integrity blob (such as a cryptographic hash) is being sent to the server for validation.
  2. A code integrity check is being performed and validated locally, only reporting the validation failure to the server or falsely reporting there's a network issue.
  3. Your repackaging does change the application is some less obvious way which damages the application's ability to communicate with the server.
  4. There's actually a network error, either due to your repackaging or for any other reason.

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