I'm studying program slicing and taint analysis. I know notion of program slicing and taint analysis.

I think Program slicing and taint analysis are similar notion. I don' know difference between program slicing and taint analysis.

What is the difference between program slicing and taint analysis?

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In my understanding there are two major differences:

Program Slicing creates a reduced representant of a program which should still produces the same output for a given input. So you reduce the given program to its core functionality and you throw away all the clumpy/insignificant attachments.

In contrast a Taint Analysis traces the path of an information through an application and observes all the objects which are affected/visited/influenced by the corresponding information. Therefor a specific input is labeled or tagged, so it could be tracked during its execution.

So you have a reduced representation of a program with consideration of input output behavior VS the trail of a selected input/variable within a program and its dependencies.

See also detailed descriptions below:

Program slicing tries to reduce a given program P to a minimum form, a so called slice S, which produces the same behavior. More formally taken from these slides:

  • produce a slice S from a given program P by deleting statements
  • slice must be syntactically correct a given set of variables V
  • should produce the same output when given to S and P

Taint analysis can be seen as a form of Information Flow Analysis. A more formal definition ripped from here:

Information flows from object x to object y, denoted x→y , whenever Information stored in x is transferred to, object y.

  • IMHO, what you are referring is about "static program slicing". On the other hand, in terms of "dynamic slicing" which is performed on a execution trace, then it cares about a selected input as well (since one trace corresponds to one input). Mar 8, 2018 at 14:48
  • Could you provide a reference for static vs dynamic slicing?
    – knx
    Mar 8, 2018 at 23:01

I'd say they are essentially the same, with slightly different focus:

Program slicing is, strictly, extracting code that operates on specific variables/memory, while omitting all other code;

Taint analysis is tracking which other variables/memory are affected, via that code, by the ones you chose. Also, tainted data is usually stricter defined as "user-controllable data", while slicing can be done on any var.

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