I'm trying to figure out this encoding in malware.. All I have are the static strings..

I was able to figure one out so there is plaintext on one:


translates to


Here are some other strings from the same malware if it helps. I've tried 16/32 byte swaps and tried looking at the delta between the plaintext character index and the encoded one..

  • A code snippet would help. Do you know where the "swap decoding" function is? Can you edit your question and add the code for that?
    – NirIzr
    Sep 3, 2016 at 13:03
  • The function is VB from a malicious macro. I was unable to decompile source
    – Chris Hall
    Sep 3, 2016 at 15:16

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googling for e-snAetgrU yields the VBA Macros
just copy paste the macros into a VBA module in word/excel/
insert a few Msgbox() and you can decrypt all the strings

the unobfuscation is as follows

obf_str       = "e-snAetgrU"
obf_str_len   = len(obf-str)   == 10
redherr       = 1
i = 0

d(69, 43, obf_str)

rand = arg1  == 69


Char_Choice_num = ( arg1 - (obf_str_len * (arg1 \ obf_str_len) )) ==
(69,52 - (10 * (69,52\10 == 6,5) == 60,50) ==) {9,2,5,8}

unobf_str[i++] = obf_str[Char_Choice_num+redherr] == obf_str[10,3,6,9] = 'U,s,e,r'

rand = Char_Choice_num+arg2  ==  52,45,48,51

goto REPEAT Until Len (obfxx) == len(unobfyy)

enter image description here

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