Seems to be a question of no importance, but I'm just curious: Is there a deeper meaning of the preceeding (single/double) ?-marks, @-signs or __ underscores in these different call instructions?

call ??2@YAPAXI@Z
call ??0CAdviseObject@CBLObject@@QAE@PAUIDispatch@@PAVCBLInstance@@@Z
call ?StartAutoReconnect@CBLObject@@IAEXIH@Z
call @__security_check_cookie@4
call __SEH_epilog

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The leading ? identifies a C++ name mangled symbol. Two ?? signify operators, constructors, destructors, constant strings, and various compiler generator functions. For example ??0 is a constructor. This site has a good breakdown of the mangling pieces used by MSVC.

A leading underscore _ can either be due to the calling convention or due to the CRT/compiler identification standard. They will prefix all of their symbols with two leading underscores __ as a way to help prevent name collisions:

In Microsoft C++, identifiers with two leading underscores are reserved for compiler implementations.


These are so-called "mangled" or "decorated" names. You can use undname utility from Visual Stduio to demangle them:

void * __cdecl operator new(unsigned int)
public: __thiscall CBLObject::CAdviseObject::CAdviseObject(struct IDispatch *,cl
ass CBLInstance *)
protected: void __thiscall CBLObject::StartAutoReconnect(unsigned int,int)

For more info: Wikipedia, MSDN.

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