I tried firmware-mod-kit's extract-firmware.sh script and I receive the following output which ends with "No supported filesystem found".

The firmware belongs to the TL-WR740Nv5 router. The filesystem of the router is Squashfs 4.0.

Here's the output: http://pastebin.com/FM9uE47t

What do I do?

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Few things to note here:

  1. The reason for the overly long output is because firmware-mod-kit automatically compiles itself the first time it is run by the user. Running it again now or manually compiling before execution should yield a relatively short output.

  2. firmware-mod-kit did not simply fail with "No supported filesystem found". It failed with a python error that caused a premature termination of the tool.

  3. The python error was str() takes at most 1 argument (2 given), which is an error widely known to come from trying to run python3 code with a python2 interpreter.

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