I had some fun using IDA Pro Dalvik Debugger in the past using AVD emulator. However I stumbled upon a APK that somehow does not run well inside AVD. APK runs fine on a real device so I am trying to use IDA Pro dalvik debugger to debug the APK on a real device.

The problem is, when using AVD all I had to setup was packagename and activity name in the Debugger Setup -> Set specific options and debugger worked well but trying on a real device keep fails with message like ADB error: listener 'tcp:239166' not found or IDA started the application but unable to connect .. message.

I tried adb forward on a port Dalvik debugger is using but no progress :(

Can anyone provide help? Thanks in advance.

  • ADB request: 0000: 30 30 31 32 "0012" ADB request: 0000: 68 6F 73 74 3A 74 72 61 6E 73 70 6F 72 74 2D 61 "host:transport-a" 0010: 6E 79 "ny" ADB answer: 0000: 4F 4B 41 59 "OKAY" ADB request: 0000: 30 30 30 34 "0004" ADB request: 0000: 6A 64 77 70 "jdwp" ADB answer: 0000: 4F 4B 41 59 "OKAY" ADB answer: This repeats in the IDA debug msg
    – Jaewon Min
    Aug 3, 2016 at 3:28

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Setting the target app to debuggable in the android manifest and repackaging the apk has done the job. I didn't know that AVD automatically sets the APK to debuggable.


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