I'm trying to unpack and dump executable from a DLL packed file, I've loaded the DLL to Immunity Debugger using LOADDLL.exe.

I think I've reached the OEP 0x3DADDD (the memory location of the unpacked code has been allocated with VirtualAlloc), When I'm trying to dump the unpacked code with OllyDumpEx I get the LOADDLL.exe sections and not the unpacked dump file sections (The dumped file is LOADDLL.exe), How can I dump the unpacked code and fix imports? OEP + OllyDumpEx Thanks.

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I would recommend using the starting address of the lpbuffer from WriteProcessMemory function and than setting OllyDump to that address (3rd option below Module) : enter image description here After that if needed you can fix the IAT table with a tool like: Scylla


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