I downloaded firmware from 4MB spi flash in HDMI extender (more info here). It contains following sections:

0x00000000 – 0x00024e03 – SMEDIA02 …….456789ABCDEF (encoded – some strings suggesting bootloader)
0x00080000 – 0x0016ee5d – SMEDIA02 …….456789ABCDEF (encoded – probably the main firmware)
0x00250000 – 0x00250200 – some zeroes with some data
0x00257e00 – FAT with webroot
0x00367e00 – FAT with config
0x003e0000 – MAC + 2 unknown bytes

I'm interested in first two sections. The first one seems to be a bootloader and the second one the main firmware. There are some other unknown parts in the firmware which might be some kind of a key.

Can someone please help decode those first two sections?

  • did you get the reference of the SPI flash ? – Jacen Jun 16 '16 at 15:39

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