I'm trying to unpack a binary packed with aspack I loadded it into ollydbg 1.0 with ollydump tool. I setup hardware breakpoint at ECX and then I step over it and it is stopping at this statement:

I bypassed it by shift+F8 but it keeps giving access violation error multiple times. How can I proceed further in UnPacking Binary. Binary is working fine when executed without debugger.

  • maybe upload the binary somewhere? also try just run(F9) option and see if it runs in the debugger...
    – Sigtran
    Commented Jun 7, 2016 at 13:44
  • It is also crashing with F9 option.
    – Umer
    Commented Jun 7, 2016 at 14:57
  • Load the AnalyzeThis plugin also. Are you saying that you reached the OEP and dumped the program from memory using OllyDump plugin?
    – fpmurphy
    Commented Jun 13, 2016 at 3:33

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Use the ASPack 2.xx.txt script from the Collection of x64dbg scripts.

Alternatively, I copied the content of this script file here:

//  FileName    :  ASPack 2.xx.txt
//  Comment     :  OEP Find For ASPack 2.xx
//  Author      :  _pusher_
//  Date        :  2015-07-08

msg "ASPack 2.xx OEP Finder"
msg "make sure you're at the entry point of the program before you continue"

//clear breakpoints

//find oep jump
find cip,"617508B801000000C20C0068" //some pattern
log "found: {0}", $result
cmp $result,0
je error

//go there
bp $result

$dw = 4:[cip+c]
log "OEP: {0}", $dw

//Go to OEP
bp $dw
//clear breakpoints

cmt cip,"OEP"
msgyn "Successfully found OEP! Wanna use Scylla to dump the target?"
cmp 0,$result
je finishScript

//finish script

msg "didn't find oep jump"


  • you may copy/paste/save it in your favorite editor for loading it later, or
  • copy/paste it directly to the Script tab of the x64dbg.

Instructions in detail:

Supposing you have

  • a freshly loaded / reloaded ASPacked debugee, and
  • the freshly loaded / pasted / reloaded the above script (you may see it in the Script tab).


  1. Press F9 key - only once! - to run debugee up to its entry point.
  2. In the CPU tab check if you see the "EntryPoint" comment of the current instruction.
  3. Switch to the Script tab.
  4. Press space bar to run the script. The first message box appears.
  5. Click OK. The second message box appears.
  6. Click OK. The script is now paused. Press space bar to continue it.
  7. The message box with the message "Successfully found OEP! Wanna use Scylla to dump the target?" appears.
  8. Press "No" for now. (Later you may repeat this procedure and press "Yes".)
  9. The message box "Script finished!" Appears. Click OK.

The script performed the unpacking code of your ASPacked debugee and stopped at the first instruction (OEP in the comment means "Original Entry Point") already in-memory unpacked code.

Now you may analyze your already unpacked debugee.


Try to use newer version of ollydbg or x64dbg (a modern and open-source ollydbg-like) with anti-debug tricks plugins like a TitanHide or ScyllaHide to avoid detection by the packer.


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