I'm trying to reverse-engineer a binary. I'm interested to find its network traffic but dynamic analysis is failing. Using IDA I'm able to identify network calls but when I try to reverse its caller using x shortcut after couple of callers I get stuck at this point:

.text:00407230                 dd offset sub_40600C
.text:00407234                 dd offset sub_403C30
.text:00407238                 dd offset nullsub_4
.text:0040723C                 dd offset sub_40601C
.text:00407240                 dd offset sub_4039BC
.text:00407244                 dd offset sub_40C294

I would like to ask how I can proceed further.


This means that these functions are called indirectly (if ever called at all). If this program is written in something like C++ this may be a virtual function pointer table, and anyway such code organization usually represents table of functions used by indirect calls.

If this program is written in C++ I'd suggest to read this presentation by @Igor Skochinsky - this is very educational reading.

I'd proceed as follows:

  • Find a references to the specific address where function address is stored.
  • If there is no one referencing it look for the first address before the one you are working with referenced by something and inspect all references to it.
  • You'll probably find there indirect call of one of the functions from the table or initialization of virtual function pointer table in the instance of the class.
  • Thank you. I've read the presentation and it is very helpful. I'll try to dig more into it. – Umer May 19 '16 at 13:49

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