First off, I hope this is the right place to ask this question, if not please let me know where I should ask it.

I have a Windows XP sp2 VM (fresh install with no updates), with Python and immunity installed.

When I try and launch immunity, I see a brief view of the main window, then it closes. I get no errors and nothing in the Windows event viewer.

I am using the latest version of immunity from their website.

Is there anywhere else I can look for the cause of the problem? Is this a known issue? Does anyone know how to fix this problem?



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I ran into the exact same issue but my case was a little bit different. I had Python 3.5 installed on my Windows 7 laptop. Immunity would open and then immediately close. I installed Python 2.7 and, when I launched Immunity Debugger, it came up perfectly. So, in addition the your environmental variables, also be careful about which version of Python you're running!

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