I have found the command r2 -c 'pi $s' to dump a binary with radare2. I have tried this redirecting the output to a file: r2 -c 'pi $s' binary > dump.txt. The dump is created but radare2 gets unresponsive. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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This is because you're not passing the -q flag to radare2:

$ r2 -h | grep -- -q
-q           quiet mode (no prompt) and quit after -i

The -c flag will execute a command in radare2, and then land you in the radare shell, but since you're redirecting stdout to a file, you can't see this. But if you hit q (as in quit) and Enter, radare2 will exit.

This is the command that you should use: r2 -q -c 'pi $s' ./a.out > out.txt if you want radare2 to dump the entire binary, then exit.


I would suggest you tried working with OllyDbg and WINE. Kali linux has this combo pre-installed in its toolbox. It works fine in many platforms (ubuntu, open-suse, etc).

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