I have Ubuntu 14.04 x64 and I am running Ida pro V6.6 in virtual box in windows 8 ... currently I want to debug some Linux elf's using Ida either via IDA linux remote server or gdbserver but I don't know how to set up such thing (remember Linux is the host and windows is the guest and IDA runs in windows)

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  1. Ensure that networking is enabled on the guest system and that it can communicate via TCP/IP with the host system.
  2. Copy <IDA installation directory>\dbgsrv\linux_serverx64 to your host system and run it.
  3. Copy the target ELF binary to the guest system and load it into IDA (disassemble it).
  4. In IDA (on the guest system), go to Debugger → Select debugger... in the menu bar and choose Remote Linux debugger.
  5. In IDA (on the guest system), go to Debugger → Process options... in the menu bar and specify the hostname or IP of your host system, the debugging port used by linux_serverx64, and the debugging password (if you specified one when running linux_serverx64).
  6. In IDA (on the guest system), select Debugger → Start process in the menu bar (or Attach to process... if the target is already running on the host system).

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