I am using OllyDbg and I cant get any plugins to work. I have tried ODbgScript.1.82, OllyDump v2.1.0.2 and Advanced Labels v1.3.0.9.

When I tried the first two I got Plugins tab greyed out. Advanced Labels makes OllyDbg crash.

I have set the plugin path to ..\OllyDbg 2.01\Plugins in the .ini file.

What is there that I am missing?

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I believe all of those plugins are for OllyDbg v1 only, not v2.

If you absolutely need to use them, you can downgrade to OllyDbg v1.

If the plugin source code is available (or if you want to reverse engineer the plugin binaries and rewrite their code from scratch), you could try to rebuild them using the v2 plugin SDK (sample plugins here).

  • I found them on tuts4you in the category OllyDbg 2, What is your source? Or am I left with disassembling the plugin and looking at the binary to determine whether it uses Olly API for 1.10 or for 2.01? Dec 6, 2015 at 8:06

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