I'm familiar with python and IDA in general. I found a few very basic tutorials but nothing that goes through an explanation of the classes used and the full capability set. Near as I can tell the documentation consists of a list of functions. The IDAPro book just recommends learning it through banging your head against a wall.

Anyone have a better suggestion?

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I wrote Sark to avoid this banging-head-against-wall routine. It provides wrappers around most of the commonly-used IDAPython APIs, making them more pythonic.
You can find the documentation for Sark here on Read-The-Docs.

As mentioned before by @CrazyFrog, you can use:

  1. Alexander Hanel's book and blog;
  2. Ero Carrera's Intro to IDAPyton;

Additionally, there are official Hex-Rays sources:

  1. IDAPython Examples, which is filled with useful snippets;
  2. IDAPython Docs, which are not too useful;
  3. The IDA SDK headers (or the SDK Docs). This is a really useful source of information, as greping through it will usually get you the function you were looking for.
  4. Hex-Blog - The Hex-Rays blog. Contains some neat tricks along with tutorials on new APIs.

Check out "The Beginner's Guide to IDAPython" by Alexander Hanel and his blog

and this by Ero Carrera


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