I am new to program so I am following expert's foot steps but I am kinda lost here

 ShowMessage('Hello World');
 MessageBox(null,'Hello World'mb_OK(1));
ShowModal('Hello World');

I know it's not correct Delphi syntax.

What is the difference between the three


All I know is that I have used ShowMessage a lot and the message comes on a small form with OK button.

Which one of the above uses the API


Thank you for your time

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a modal messagebox is one that blocks you cant perform any action in the main windows unless you close this messagebox

a non modal messagebox doesnt block you can close it any time you wish and can continue to work in the main window

a MessageBox is a generic form if you provide the HWnd parameter it can be Modal if you provide null (as you show ) it will be nonmodal

all will reach user32!messagebox or its internals

it should be prestty easy for you to check by setting a breakpoint

and this question of yours will also likely be closed as unclear or lacks basic understanding

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