I'm fairly new to reversing, and I have even less experience with IDA Pro. I am wondering if there is a way to figure out from where an imported function is imported, i.e. a memory location I can find with ldd or even better a .so name.


When I had the same problem (I was working on ELF binaries from Linux and QNX systems) I had to do the following:

  • run ldd on the executable to get the list of loaded libraries
  • obtain a list of exports of each mentioned library (by running nm -CD full_library_name | grep " T " on the system)
  • If your function is there - it is there
  • If you are working with C++, take demangling into consideration

If you don't have an ability to use shell on your system, you can automate getting list of exports using IDAPython ( idautils.Entries() ) and -S ida command line option.

If the library is loaded dynamically (by using dlopen/dlsym for example) you'll have to find corresponding dlopen call and find out its arguments.

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