We all know that Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro today with plenty of application currently being developed for it. But then I use Fedora and some use other distros but still liked to have the same program from Ubuntu in their systems.

So how can I convert .deb files back to .tar so it can be recompiled for other distros?

  • This really doesn't have anything to do with Reverse Engineering. Perhaps Super User would be the place you are looking for? Also, so I'm at least being a helpful, a little converter called Alien may be relevant to your interests if you are looking to convert .deb files. Or you can just extract them with "ar". – Archenoth Mar 21 '13 at 7:08
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I doubt this is an RE question. deb is a known format.

Also deb is a .ar it just has a specific internal structure you can decompress it with ar. or use undeb if you want to be fancy.

Here is a howto for deb and rpm just for reference

Also note that deb is usually a binary format and you can't really convert it to source.. unless of course it is a source deb! Any installation you do should probably be done into /opt and add the appropriate directories to your path so you don't pollute your installation with untracked binaries.

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