I extracted Samsung Galaxy S6 kernel image from its stock boot.img. The result is a raw code kernel image. I load into IDA 6.8 (64-bit) using ROM Start: 0xffffffc000205000 size:0x18C020000, load address:0xffffffc000205000 size:0x18C020000 which is the address of _text/_stext inside it's kallsyms, it does not disassemble correctly and recognise nearly everything as data. On the other hand, using the _text/stext function for a 32-bit ARM Note 4 kernel image at 0xC0008000 works perfectly. Does any one have any idea how to disassemble ARM64 android image correctly? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


It may be a mix of 64 and 32 bit code, to disassemble the 32bit segments, change the segment bitness to 32 ( via Alt-S )

then you can disassemble those sections as either arm32, or thumb code.

A problem will arise when you want to be able to decompile both the 32 and 64 bit code. IDA will only be able to decompile the 64 bit code.


I needed to set the segment bitness to 64-bit. It then disassembled correctly.

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