I'm reverse engineering some windows application. I came accross with this function that IDA recognized:

call __alloca_probe_16

I'm unable to find any documentation/reference on this function except here. The poster suggests that __alloca_probe is a support routine for the API _alloca() without providing any reference.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what this function does and where I can find reference to undocumented/internal(?) APIs like this in the future.

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This funcion enures that an alloca() call returns a pointer aligned to 16 bytes boundary. You can see the comments in alloca16.asm in Visual C++' CRT sources:

; _alloca_probe_16, _alloca_probe_8 - align allocation to 16/8 byte boundary
;       Adjust allocation size so the ESP returned from chkstk will be aligned
;       to 16/8 bit boundary. Call chkstk to do the real allocation.
;       EAX = size of local frame
;       Adjusted EAX.
;       EAX

NB: this comment seems to be stale; the current implementation tail-calls _chkstk, so the allocation (ESP adjustment) happens immediately.

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