I set the following breakpoint:

bp MSPTLS!LsCreateLine 100

The program crashes before the break point is hit 100 times. When I do bl after the crash, I get the following:

0 e 5dca4b62     0072 (0100)  0:**** MSPTLS!LsCreateLine

I am assuming from this information that the break point was hit 72 times before the crash.

However, when I do bp MSPTLS!LsCreateLine 80 I am able to hit the breakpoint before the crash telling me that the break point was hit more than 72 times before the crash. Does this 72 not indicate how many times the break point was hit?

  • Cross site duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/32259132/… Aug 30, 2015 at 20:55
  • the syntax is [~Thread] bp[ID] [Options] [Address [Passes]] ["CommandString"] so if your using a conditional bp (or bu), ensure the count comes before your if statement. Otherwise you get "^ Extra character error in"
    – Kevin
    Dec 21, 2018 at 15:45

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0072 (0100) :

  • 0072 - this is the number of passes remaining before the breakpoint is hit.
  • (0100) - this is the original limit passed in.

Note that these are hexidecimal values, so the crash was hit on the 142nd iteration (0x100-0x72).

0x80 is smaller than 142 (0x8E), so it expected that you would hit the breakpoint before the crash with that setting.

Link to documentation: bl

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