Is there any free/paid service on internet to unpack custom protected exes? I am a RE but unpacking is not my expertise.


  • It´s a 64bit binary for windows with a custom packer (exeinfo shows unknown protecttion). I have tried x64dbg but it seems the exe detects the debugger even with ScyllaHide and closes it. The exe detects memory BP and shows an error... – Mike Aug 21 '15 at 16:11

Interesting idea. There could be a service to do this, but then the need is probably to small that no one could run a business of it. You could try posting a request for one of the many freelancing sites.

But like the "feed a man a fish" proverb, you are better off learning how to do this stuff your self then, then you can do it your self.

A lot of the better packers these days leave less of a signature and thus are harder to detect with old/outdated packer detectors.

Go to the forums on:


It's pretty much THE site to go to for unpacking info, and if you do your homework (read up and study first) people will probably help you there.

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    I totally agree with you, but in this case the analysis/unpack of this exe file is just a small part of a bigger project and I have a deadline for it so I need someone to do it for me. Later I plan to learn more about unpacking. I am new here and I don´t know if it is allowed to ask but if anyone can help me with this I am willing to pay. – Mike Aug 21 '15 at 21:45

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