How can I change color of node (or block?) with idapython? I know about SetColor, but this function does not work with blocks/nodes.

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EDIT: Solved, see the code snippet below.

def get_bb_id(graph, ea):
    for block in graph:
        if block.startEA <= ea and block.endEA > ea:
            return block.id

start_ea = 0x15f9ad6
base_block_ea = 0x15f9a60

f = get_func(start_ea)
g = FlowChart(f, flags=FC_PREDS) #???
bb_id = get_bb_id(g, start_ea)

p = idaapi.node_info_t()
p.bg_color = 0x00ff00 # green

print idaapi.set_node_info2(base_block_ea, bb_id, p, 
                            idaapi.NIF_BG_COLOR | idaapi.NIF_FRAME_COLOR)
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Look over following functions and around (found in idaapi.py):

def SetNodeInfo(self, node_index, node_info, flags):
    Set the properties for the given node.

    Example usage (set second nodes's bg color to red):
      inst = ...
      p = idaapi.node_info_t()
      p.bg_color = 0x00ff0000
      inst.SetNodeInfo(1, p, idaapi.NIF_BG_COLOR)

    @param node_index: The node index.
    @param node_info: An idaapi.node_info_t instance.
    @param flags: An OR'ed value of NIF_* values.
    _idaapi.pygc_set_node_info(self, node_index, node_info, flags)

def SetNodesInfos(self, values):
    Set the properties for the given nodes.

    Example usage (set first three nodes's bg color to purple):
      inst = ...
      p = idaapi.node_info_t()
      p.bg_color = 0x00ff00ff
      inst.SetNodesInfos({0 : p, 1 : p, 2 : p})

    @param values: A dictionary of 'int -> node_info_t' objects.
    _idaapi.pygc_set_nodes_infos(self, values)
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You can also use Sark:

import sark
code_block = sark.CodeBlock(some_ea)
code_block.color = 0x00ff0000
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