In gdb, I can run automatically the binary as (as per this post):

gdb -ex run /bin/true

What's the equivalent parameter for lldb?

This works:

echo run | lldb /bin/true

but I'd like to back to debugger console instead.

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LLDB >= 3.4 has the -o / --one-line command line option that can be used to launch your program automatically:

lldb -o run /bin/true

For reference here are two relevant snippets from lldb-3.6 --help:

        Tells the debugger to execute this one-line lldb command
        after any file provided on the command line has been loaded.

       Multiple "-s" and "-o" options can be provided.  They will be
       processed from left to right in order, with the source files 
       and commands interleaved. 

And for reviewing command line options in a web browser -- here's a link to the lldb-3.4 man page.

Note that with LLDB < 3.4 (and also newer versions) you can use the -s / --source option to bootstrap commands like run -- for example:

$ echo run > autorun
$ lldb -s autorun -- /bin/echo arg1 arg2
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    When running using -o run instead of manually entering run in LLDB console it is not possible to interrupt the process using Ctrl-C. Is there any way to fix that?
    – fluidsonic
    Feb 15, 2018 at 4:22

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