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Top new questions this week:

Why can C# applications be reverse-compiled with variable names while C++ ones can't?

Why can programs written in C# be reverse-compiled essentially to their original form with variables names (such as dnSpy) while C++ decompilers (such as Ghidra) are unable to decode the variable ...

c++ dll c#  
asked by 0x435d2d 5 votes
answered by R4444 10 votes

Force IDA to reanalyze a function recursively?

How can i force IDA to re analyze a function recursively (meaning including every function inside of it and so on) and recognize all the functions inside of all the functions? because right now when a ...

ida idapro-sdk  
asked by Notoriouss 2 votes

Help regarding XOR game decryption algorithm

I'm currently trying to reverse engineer the decryption algorithm for an old online game, using a chat message packet, as it contains text which is easily recognizable. I used a packet sniffer to get ...

disassembly static-analysis decryption packet xor  
asked by HealYouDown 2 votes
answered by LoneFox 2 votes

How to propagate the new variable type and redefine all the functions that are using it with the new type in IDA?

Lets say there is a variable x in f1, and f1 calls f2 with the variable x I want ida to automatically redefine the definition of any function like f2, that is using the variable that i just changed ...

ida idapython ida-sdk  
asked by Notoriouss 1 vote

How to modify checksum after making changes in Nokia 215 4G firmware?

If I change any character in the firmware file and try to flash it, it will failed. But it will successfully flashed if I changed the string with the same number of character if it's not a function. ...

binary-analysis firmware unpacking checksum  
asked by Mohamed 1 vote

Define partial struct with IDA

I want to define struct in Ida , but I know only partial of this struct I only know that in arr[12] that int student_id , and I don't know the rest of struct. Ida recognize that struct as char * . How ...

ida struct  
asked by func 1 vote
answered by Rolf Rolles 1 vote

Is there a way in ida pro to see the address where I have explicitly marked them as code or data, etc?

I'm analyzing an obfuscated binary. IDA did a pretty good job of doing the initial auto-analysis. Later, I went through and marked some sections as undefined, or code, etc. Now IDA can't re-create ...

ida obfuscation deobfuscation  
asked by Gauss Euler 1 vote
answered by Igor Skochinsky 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Modify code with ILSpy

I want to modify an exe a little bit. With ILSpy I see all the code that I need but I don't know how to modify the code. I tried "save code" on ILSpy that exports a .cs file, but when I open the .cs ...

disassembly .net c#  
asked by sivlab 5 votes
answered by josh 5 votes

How do I work out the Ultranet protocol?

Ultranet is a audio protocol that allows low latency audio with many channels to be transmitted over standard Ethernet cables. For instance you might have a Midas sound desk transmitting audio packets ...

asked by fret 13 votes
answered by tuck1s 11 votes

x64dbg how to debug a DLL called from an application

I have a 64 bit application that when runs will load a dll (plugin) I want to debug only this plugin, I have tried setting x64dbg to break on dll load, but two issues, this app loads hundreds of other ...

asked by Raz Razman 8 votes

What is DLL Injection and how is it used for reversing?

I was reading a discussion about dumping a processes part of a process's memory and someone suggested using DLL injection to do this. I'll be honest in that I don't really understand. How does DLL ...

dll dll-injection  
asked by user2142 64 votes
answered by Rolf Rolles 61 votes

Approach to extract useful information from binary file

The purpose of this question is to gain an understanding of the concepts behind reverse engineering and to understand what approaches may be taken to extract useful information from a binary file. I'...

binary-analysis firmware arm hex binary  
asked by Light123 14 votes
answered by julian 30 votes

Debugging third party android APKs

What are some ways to debug third party android apps (apps you don't have the source code to)? I would like to step through the APK instruction by instruction, and possibly set breakpoints on certain ...

android apk  
asked by gsingh2011 13 votes

How to know in which language/technology program (.exe) is written?

How to understand if exe/dll is written in C++/.Net/Java or in any other language. I tried to use Dependency walker but not able to get required information.

disassembly windows binary-analysis static-analysis executable  
asked by Pranit Kothari 50 votes
answered by Igor Skochinsky 41 votes
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