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Top new questions this week:

Got access to SWD, but I need to identify the chip

I was able to connect to the chip via SWD/openocd, but I can't figure out what chip it is (says SM9PQ1 2322-52 on chip, googled but cant find anything). I'm hoping to download the firmware after I ...

debugging hardware firmware-analysis  
user avatar asked by Low Est Score of 1

What is 0xCC between each functions?

First, sorry for my bad english. What I know about 0xCC instruction is a breakpoint instruction. But, when I see x64 binary, each functions are seperate by multiple 0xCC instructions. I think x64 uses ...

x86-64 packers  
user avatar asked by schnabel Score of 1
user avatar answered by Yotamz Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to use radare2 to disassemble an executable file?

I have a cgywin executable file (shall be in PE format) and would like to disassemble it to get the assembly code on the text section using radare2, most of the examples disassemble per instruction ...

disassembly radare2  
user avatar asked by lsamarahan Score of 9
user avatar answered by perror Score of 15

How can I set a breakpoint for a button click?

I am trying to find what a button does, so I want to set a breakpoint to catch button click event. Is that possible? Any tools or tricks to assist in this?

windows ollydbg  
user avatar asked by Menna Score of 24
user avatar answered by Peter Andersson Score of 26

Is there any disassembler to rival IDA Pro?

Is there any disassembler (not only a live debugger) second to IDA in capabilities? IDA is wonderful, and somewhat amazing in how robust and useful it is for reversing. However, it is quite expensive ...

tools ida disassemblers  
user avatar asked by dyasta Score of 336
user avatar answered by Mick Score of 309

Decompiling a 1990 DOS application

I have some crucial data written decades ago by an ancient 16bit DOS application. There are no docs, no source, and no information about the author. Just the 16 bit exe. I guess it's time for me to ...

debugging disassemblers dos-exe  
user avatar asked by ScumCoder Score of 31
user avatar answered by Unknown Score of 15

Modify code with ILSpy

I want to modify an exe a little bit. With ILSpy I see all the code that I need but I don't know how to modify the code. I tried "save code" on ILSpy that exports a .cs file, but when I open the .cs ...

disassembly .net c#  
user avatar asked by sivlab Score of 7
user avatar answered by Raithlin Score of 7

What symbol tables stay after a strip In ELF format?

I am currently looking at the ELF format, and especially at stripped ELF executable program files. I know that, when stripped, the symbol table is removed, but some information are always needed to ...

elf dynamic-linking  
user avatar asked by perror Score of 29
user avatar answered by perror Score of 24

What is DLL Injection and how is it used for reversing?

I was reading a discussion about dumping a processes part of a process's memory and someone suggested using DLL injection to do this. I'll be honest in that I don't really understand. How does DLL ...

dll dll-injection  
user avatar asked by user2142 Score of 70
user avatar answered by Rolf Rolles Score of 65
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