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Top new questions this week:

ARMv8 (AArch64, ARM64) opcodes list

I'm sorry for such as questions where answer would seem to be easily searched in google... Some time ago I have seen table/list of ARMv8 instructions with opcodes and it was perfect, but I lost link. ...

assembly arm arm64  
asked by Olvin Roght 3 votes
answered by Axifive 5 votes

The buffer is too short to insert addresses when exploiting buffer overflow

Newbie here. Sorry for what you about to read . I'm currently working on exploiting a binary on Ubuntu 18.04. Here is some information about the binary: Its checksec information using pwntools: ...

linux exploit buffer-overflow  
asked by Thành Vũ 3 votes

Dealing with heavily obfuscated Java, possibly on bytecode level

I've got a jarfile from a friend, he told me to put it thru an decompiler. So I did, but: JD-GUI basically spit out just the imports and didn't show any class data CFR dumped out stack trace on ...

obfuscation java deobfuscation  
asked by Krzysztof Szewczyk 2 votes
answered by Antimony 1 vote

How to proceed after running binwalk on this firmware?

I'm trying to access the firmware from the .bin in this archive: So far I've used binwalk and gotten the following output: ...

ida firmware arm firmware-analysis binwalk  
asked by the_endian 2 votes

Adding my own logging function in Smali

I am trying to logcat the parameters of a function in smali with my own function. I made a new Android studio project and wrote the function then used APKtool to retrieve the Smali file. This is my ...

asked by Kippet 1 vote
answered by JesusFreke 2 votes

Reverse old win32 app to find encryption vulnerability

I’m trying to reverse engineer an old win32 application used on SCADA and ICS (Industrial Control Systems). This app has a silly encryption function to protect the user password to prevent ...

windows ghidra pe-resources  
asked by Thiago Alves 1 vote

Is there a standard documentation format for file formats?

I'm analysing an undocumented file format. Is there a standard documentation format for file formats I can write up? Something of this level of complexity and detail? What I have in my mind is, ...

binary-analysis binary  
asked by tabdiukov 1 vote
answered by Axifive 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to use radare2 to disassemble an executable file?

I have a cgywin executable file (shall be in PE format) and would like to disassemble it to get the assembly code on the text section using radare2, most of the examples disassemble per instruction ...

disassembly radare2  
asked by lsamarahan 6 votes
answered by perror 12 votes

How do I reverse engineer .so files found in android APKs?

I know how to reverse engineer normal android APKs using tools like APK-tool anddex2jar but i don't know how to work with obfuscation. Can anyone help or atleast provide some pointers? I know this ...

disassembly binary-analysis obfuscation android deobfuscation  
asked by Pervy Sage 61 votes
answered by Guntram Blohm supports Monica 75 votes

how can I diff two x86 binaries at assembly code level?

I'm looking for a tool like Beyond Compare, meld, kdiff, etc. which can be used to compare two disassembled binaries. I know that there's binary (hex) comparison, which shows difference by hex values, ...

tools binary-analysis bin-diffing  
asked by Mellowcandle 49 votes
answered by Mick 28 votes

Immunity Debugger on Windows 10?

Has anybody gotten Immunity Debugger to work on windows 10 yet? I downloaded it on Windows 10, launch it as administrator, and the GUI opens for about half a second and then it exits, no errors or ...

debuggers immunity-debugger  
asked by Starwarsfan2099 8 votes
answered by ubnix 15 votes

What are the targets of professional reverse software engineering?

At the professional level, for what purpose is reverse software engineering used? What software is targeted and why? For reasonably complex compiled code that's doing something novel, making ...

asked by Praxeolitic 38 votes
answered by joxeankoret 41 votes

Converting assembly code to c

I have the following assembly code over Linux distro: # using the .data section for write permission # instead of .text section .section .data .globl _start _start: # displaying some characters ...

disassembly decompilation linux c exploit  
asked by MLSC 6 votes
answered by pank4j 14 votes

IDA cannot launch debugger for 64-bit exe files

I want to launch IDA debugger for one 64-bit exe file and it fails, have tried with more samples, but result always the same. Here is that I do. Launch IDA Pro (64-bit) Select Debugger -> Run -> ...

ida x64  
asked by ST3 3 votes
answered by tmr232 7 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Strange function in Disassembly (IDA)

I was reversing one executable in IDA and found out the function with this structure: .text:0058A6E0 sub_58A6E0 proc near .text:0058A6E0 .text:0058A6E0 var_4 = dword ptr ...

ida disassembly  
asked by Matthew Darens 1 vote

Using Frida for early and late instrumentation

I am trying to hook functions with Frida where one .so file ( is loaded early and another .so file ( is loaded slightly later, after some processing is done by the application. This is what ...

android frida  
asked by localacct 1 vote

How does this wannacry sample work?

I downloaded wannacry sample here: Don't forget to enter password for archive. I figured out how most of the binary works, except the very last ...

windows x86 malware  
asked by M. Kalter 1 vote
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