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Top new questions this week:

Reverse engineer a proprietary audio file

This is my first time posting here and also my first time attempting to do reverse engineering of this kind. Let´s get to the point: I have to find a way of reading some phone call audio files. The ...

asked by Manuel Ruiz 2 votes
answered by Gordon Freeman 1 vote

What are these pads called, what can I solder to them and could I do any damage?

I am wondering what this is called (those are 1 and 2 cm marks, divided into 1 mm segments): I'm fairly certain it's not JST. I think the two larger pads are used to hold whatever connector is ...

asked by 0xC0000022L 1 vote

Batch decompile using IDA Pro 7.5

I am trying to batch disassemble and decompile 500 binaries using the IDA Pro 7.5 disassember and Hex rays decompiler. I can get the .i64 output from the disassembler, but I do not have a way to batch ...

ida decompilation hexrays  
asked by cal_decom 1 vote
answered by Igor Skochinsky 3 votes

Is it possible to find a running process's arguments to main from an attached GDB?

Given a very basic program, perl -e'$|=1; print $$; sleep 500;' HELLO WORLD How can I find HELLO WORLD using GDB? I thought bt -full but when I attach and run, I get #0 __GI___clock_nanosleep ...

asked by Evan Carroll 1 vote
answered by 0xC0000022L 1 vote

Looking at a PCB is it possible to ascertain the number of layers it has?

Is there a way to ascertain - without special equipment (other than what a "layman electronics enthusiast" may have around) - how many layers a PCB has? Is there some sort of marking or a ...

hardware pcb  
asked by 0xC0000022L 1 vote

Why cant you edit pseudo code?

Dabbler in re here, so potentially a stupid question... I know ida, binary ninja, and ghidra are really powerful at generating pseudo code. From everything I've read pseudo code can't be edited in ...

ida ghidra  
asked by Spyindabox 1 vote
answered by born 7 votes

Confusion between different ARM architectures

I am trying to develop a machine learning model to help with the process of reverse engineering. As the first stage, we are currently trying to train an embedding model that understand the ...

disassembly binary-analysis arm  
asked by hEShaN 1 vote
answered by Igor Skochinsky 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Approach to extract useful information from binary file

The purpose of this question is to gain an understanding of the concepts behind reverse engineering and to understand what approaches may be taken to extract useful information from a binary file. ...

binary-analysis firmware arm hex binary  
asked by Light123 13 votes
answered by julian 26 votes

How to decompile a C# .exe on macOS?

It this even possible? Are there any free tools?

decompilation c#  
asked by Tadej 7 votes
answered by Chris Tsiakoulas 5 votes

Extract files from a bin firmware

I have a firmware image that is used for flashing a BMW NBT navigation system that I want to research. I did a binwalk on the file (dump below). I want to extract the individual files, especially the ...

binary-analysis embedded  
asked by Remko 6 votes
answered by zcutlip 8 votes

Intercepting GSM communications with an USRP and Gnu Radio

I would like to know what is needed to intercept GSM communications with an USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) and using Gnu Radio. Is there tutorial about that ? What type of USRP is ...

radio-interception gnu-radio  
asked by perror 17 votes
answered by TDKPS 23 votes

Get the function prototypes from an unknown .dll

I have an unknown .dll from another program which I want to work with. With DLL Export Viewer I was able to find the exported functions. But to call them I need the information about the parameters ...

windows dll  
asked by samuirai 18 votes
answered by 0xC0000022L 28 votes

Unpacking a Themida packed x64 executable?

Before we continue I'd like you to keep in mind I'm relatively new to unpacking executables. So I have a few Recently I've been trying to unpack an executable (x64 architecture), aka find the OEP and ...

asked by Graham Best 5 votes
answered by the_endian 14 votes

Managing inputs for payload injection?

I am looking for a complete list of the ways to inject a payload in a vulnerable program in a Unix (Linux) context depending on the inputs opened by the program. I know that there are several tricks ...

linux exploit binary  
asked by perror 9 votes
answered by perror 17 votes
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