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Decompiling an executable compiled by vercel/pkg

I have a .exe file that I am trying to get the source code of, After some digging I figured out that it's in node.js and was compiled using vercel/pkg I tried using pkg-unpacker however the output is ...

ghidra decompile javascript  
user avatar asked by Anon Score of 3

How do I reverse an exe packed with an unknown packer?

I got an assignment to analize an exe file with 97% entropy. It's obviously packed but I got no results from Protection Id or PEid about which packer it used... How can I unpack it if it's possible? ...

ida c++ static-analysis unpacking packers  
user avatar asked by beytrod Score of 2
user avatar answered by Margaret Bloom Score of 2

Identify two structs in IDA

When decompiling an exe file, I have defined two structs struct A and struct B that are of the same structure. They appeared under different contexts, thus I assumed that they were different structs. ...

ida struct  
user avatar asked by WhatsUp Score of 2
user avatar answered by Rolf Rolles Score of 4

How to disassemble an entire function in Windbg?

I am trying to disassemble the function ExAcquireFastMutex using WinDbg but it gives me only 8 rows: 3: kd> u nt!ExAcquireFastMutex nt!ExAcquireFastMutex: fffff805`456e3820 4053 push ...

disassembly windows windbg winapi  
user avatar asked by E235 Score of 1
user avatar answered by blabb Score of 3

Firmware Binary Reverse with Ghidra returns only few codelines decompiled with truncated code

I have tried to decompile the firmware binary of a microcontroller that should be an STM32 (but I'm not sure about this). After the analysis I get only few codelines with a lot of similar messages: ...

binary-analysis firmware ghidra binary firmware-analysis  
user avatar asked by AndreaF Score of 1

can't debug properly

In the last few days I tried to solve "unlink" challenge in and I'm struggling to attach a debugger remotely and locally on the server using pwntools (code added below). #!/usr/...

user avatar asked by Tal_S Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Driver's Licence Last Name Numbering Format (Ontario, Quebec, New Jersey)?

So I found out that Ontario Driver's Licences have the following format: LXXXX - NNNIY - YMMDD L - first letter of last name XXXX - number referring to your last name NNN - number referring to your ...

encryption encodings  
user avatar asked by jerry70450 Score of 1
user avatar answered by John Score of 2

Repackaging APK file using baksmali and smali

I am a student interested in Android Security. I was trying to modify a APK file using baksmali and smali. However, I am not able to run the repackaged app in my mobile. When I click on the icon it ...

android apk  
user avatar asked by aMa Score of 13
user avatar answered by nneonneo Score of 20

Cross debugging for ARM / MIPS ELF with QEMU/toolchain

as i'm new about cross-debugging and cross-compilation i need some help because i feel so confused. I have a MIPS elf file, [myelf][1] .You can see bellow the output of file myelf: myelf: ELF 32-bit ...

debugging gdb elf mips qemu  
user avatar asked by creuchmeuch Score of 29
user avatar answered by Zach Riggle Score of 53

Immunity Debugger reset windows to default tiling

I have changed the windows from the original tiling layout in Immunity Debugger. I would like to restore the original tiling. I have tried restarting the program but the modified tiling remains. Is ...

user avatar asked by Concklin F Score of 11
user avatar answered by knx Score of 10

Crack Me Material

I'd like to get started with reverse engineering. Some years ago I've seen many many program, so called "crack mes" to crack. When I searched for some this week I've found none. My Question is, can ...

user avatar asked by 0x45 Score of 22
user avatar answered by julian Score of 37

Finding OEP in a VMProtect v3.0 protected malware

I've been trying to reverse engineer a malware that has been packed with VMProtect v3.0. My first instinct was to google an automated way for this and I found a script. Unfortunately the script to ...

malware unpacking anti-debugging anti-dumping  
user avatar asked by rustam Shirinov Score of 4

What are the possibilities for reverse engineering an IPA file to its source?

I browsed a lot, but can't find any resources for reverse engineering an IPA file (iPhone application). Is there any method to reverse engineer an IPA file to its source? I've tried to rename it to ...

decompilation ios  
user avatar asked by BlueBerry - Vignesh4303 Score of 64
user avatar answered by jg0 Score of 66
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