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Top new questions this week:

Load to Ida binary with all of SO

I have a Linux ARM binary with a lot of shared libraries. Can I load all of them into one IDA instance so that I can easily navigate between functions? For example: functions that the binary calls and ...

ida linux ida-plugin shared-object  
asked by Kokomelom Score of 2

Mov instruction from a pointed location at the beginning of a program

I am trying to learn how to read assembly code. So far I have understood the basic instructions. Now I am trying to see if I can understand a dissassembly from a linked executable. So this is an ...

disassembly windows assembly  
asked by S R Maiti Score of 1
answered by 0xC0000022L Score of 0

Understanding disassembly information from Visual Studio's dumpbin and GNU's objdump

I usually write my code on Windows, and there are two different types of development environments, each providing their own tools to view the assembly code of an object file(*.obj) or executable (*....

disassembly windows assembly objdump  
asked by S R Maiti Score of 1
answered by 0xC0000022L Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I analyze a .apk file and understand its working?

I am an Android app developer, and recently I encountered a problem with in-app purchase. I discovered that in some apps, in-app purchases can be done for free using this application. I know this app ...

asked by Tirath Score of 21
answered by Stolas Score of 13

Where can I, as an individual, get malware samples to analyze?

It seems that a popular use of software reverse engineering skills is to reverse malicious code in an effort to build better protection for users. The bottleneck here for people aspiring to break ...

asked by mrduclaw Score of 125
answered by ŹV - Score of 88

What is the most efficient way to detect and to break xor encryption?

I know that modern cryptographic algorithms are as close as they can to fully random data (ciphertext indistinguishability) and that trying to detect it is quite useless. But, what can we do on weak-...

cryptography cryptanalysis  
asked by perror Score of 23
answered by mikeazo Score of 16

How to obtain x86-64 pseudocode in IDA Pro?

Does anyone know about obtaining pseudocode for x86-64 in IDA Pro? I already tried the Hex-Rays plugin to obtain pseudocode, but when I try it, the following error pops up: "only 32bit code is ...

ida x86 decompilation disassemblers x64  
asked by john Score of 9
answered by NirIzr Score of 10

How to get Video URL from embedded Link in Twitter

I'm trying to get the Video URL of ( ) I tried going over the source code but it give the same URL link <meta property="og:...

javascript websites  
asked by Sarah19953 Score of 5
answered by Patrick Mevzek Score of 4

Managing inputs for payload injection?

I am looking for a complete list of the ways to inject a payload in a vulnerable program in a Unix (Linux) context depending on the inputs opened by the program. I know that there are several tricks ...

linux exploit binary  
asked by perror Score of 13
answered by perror Score of 24

Unity game: Assembly dll embedded inside the exe

I'm trying to reverse engineer a game made with the Unity engine, and usually all of the games's scripts are in the files \<Game>_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll and \<Game>_Data\Managed\...

dll .net game-hacking  
asked by nexide Score of 3
answered by nexide Score of 1
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