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When I try to load a Portable Executable in IDA Pro 6.6 it can't resolve the Symbols. I have hooked it to a win32_remote.exe. It keeps saying E_PDB_NOT_FOUND.

I even have WinDBG installed.

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A common issue is missing symsrv.dll. Please make sure you have it on the remote machine and that win32_remote.exe can find it.

You can also append -z10000 to the command line in order to get more output from the MS-DIA libraries.

Thanks to HexRays for this answer.

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awesome, but what is the exact meaning of that switch (-z)? Is that some debug level of a kind? – 0xC0000022L Jul 2 '14 at 11:49
@0xC0000022L: it's actually documented – Igor Skochinsky Jul 2 '14 at 12:00
@IgorSkochinsky: it would still be better to include it here. But it was a mere suggestion. No offense intended. – 0xC0000022L Jul 2 '14 at 13:58

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